Mapping Environmental Behaviour in the Spanish Context

By Nuria Rodriguez-Priego, Francisco J. Montoro Ríos and Jose Angel Ibanez Zapata.

Published by The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability

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In the present study we set out to examine an audience segmentation system that can be used to inform global warming public engagement campaigns and to test survey-based identification tools designed by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. A national poll was conducted in Spain with a representative sample of the population online (n = 602). The survey included measures concerning pro-environmental behavior and intentions, issue involvement, individuals’ beliefs, and preferred societal response. The population was classified with reference to their level of concern. Our results show four distinct interpretive communities, ranging from alarmist to dismissive. Overall, the largest audience segment was the concerned, who are convinced that global warming is happening but not engaged personally. The sample was classified using two-step cluster analysis, as we have a really large data set, which does clustering algorithms based on a distance measure. The relationships between the items were also examined in order to identify the possible correlations and recognize how behavior is affected by intentions, beliefs, preferred societal response, and issue involvement.

Keywords: Global Climate Change, Environmental Concern, Green Behavior, Beliefs, Preferred Societal Response

The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp.37-46. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 279.558KB).

Nuria Rodriguez-Priego

Assistant Researcher, Department of Economic Theory and History, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

I have a degree in economics (2007) and a degree in anthropology (2011). I also finished a Master’s degree in marketing (2008) and a Master’s degree in experimental economics (2011) at the University of Granada. I have done research at Royal Holloway University of London (2009), Yale University (2011), and Decision Research (Eugene, Oregon, US). My background is in environmental marketing, focused in how images can influence on individuals’ behaviour. I have been working in the University of Granada since 2009, teaching micro and macroeconomics for first and second year students. Nowadays, I’m working to finish my Ph.D. in economics, being supervised by Dr. Francisco J. Montoro Rios and Prof. Nikolaos Georgantzís.

Dr. Francisco J. Montoro Ríos

Full Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Dr. Jose Angel Ibanez Zapata

Full professor, Department of Marketing, University of Granada, Granada, Spain