Designing Sustainable Retail: Environmental Design, Sustainability and the Impact of Organisational Culture in the UK’s Point of Purchase (P-O-P) Industry

By Richard Chipps and Jennifer Wilson.

Published by The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability

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This paper presents the findings from a collaborative research partnership between De Montfort University and a Global Point of Purchase (P-O-P) industrial partner. The research investigates strategies for and approaches towards the development of an environmental and sustainability charter within the P-O-P design and manufacture industry in the UK (circa one billion pounds spent in 2011). Its successful implementation within this market has European and potentially global impact. The research has adopted an ethnographic and soft systems approach to gathering qualitative data from sector specific design and manufacture companies, suppliers and brands. Their behaviours, attitudes and opinions have been documented. A number of case studies were gathered and through this interaction, approaches to sustainable and environmental design recorded. The key findings will be presented and discussed in the context of the researchers’ unique insights into the P-O-P design sector, alongside current attitudes to and barriers against adoption of environmental approaches to design. The paper will consider the industry’s prevailing knowledge and engagement with environmental design and conclude with recommendations for influencing current attitudes, in order to achieve design for sustainable retail.

Keywords: Sustainability, Sustainable Design, Retail, Design, Eco-design, Point of Sale

The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp.111-120. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 324.672KB).

Richard Chipps

Principal Lecturer Design Management and Innovation, School of Art and Design, Faculty of Art Design & Humanities, School of Design, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK

Principal lecturer in Design Management and Innovation School of Art and Design at De Montfort University Leicester.

Jennifer Wilson

Sustainablity Manager, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK

POPAI KTP associate Leicester.